Qlik Solutions can be applied across any area and business function

We design, build and develop applications across all areas of industry for insight across all business functions.

Business functions

The opportunities with Entadata and Qlik are endless. If you’ve got the business data we can develop an application to interrogate it.

A few examples of business functions where we can deliver Qlik applications:


Optimize employee management and succession planning. Analyze staffing resources and onboarding. Assess training and education offerings. Monitor productivity trends and improve workplace relations.


Analyze and segment. Target customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue. Manage pipeline and forecast. Improve tracking of performance against goals.

Supply chain

Qlik helps simplify supply chain analytics, helping make new associations between once disparate systems to reveal hidden relationships.


Deliver greater ROI — target the right prospects and your most valuable customers. Analyze market shifts, customer sentiment and trends

Transport & logistics

Get products from one place to another—on time and at the lowest cost. Maximize fleet investment through increased efficiency and capacity utilization.


Improve the cash conversion cycle. Improve cash-flow analysis with integrated, up-to-date information. Reduce reliance on month-end reporting. Increase balance sheet visibility.


Empower your sales teams with direct access to real-time data on customers and inventory. Make smarter decisions with timely CRM data. Take the complexity out of analysis.

Shop floor

Gather and analyze valuable insights by date, gender, location, transaction value, and product category from your shoppers. Allowing for more results-oriented campaigns and accurate stock planning.


Monitor and manage key aspects of Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations including the, pick, pack, pack, and ship of merchandise owing in and out of the distribution center.


Visualize how efficiently the total available storage potential is being used to understand the scope for performance improvement at current inventory levels.


Monitor contract, mode, and delivery service level compliance and Minimize premium freight cost through better planning and visibility.


Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights to maximize asset efficiency.


Improve the accuracy of supply and demand forecasts by integrating internal and external data sources. Ensure better product availability and improve operational efficiency.

Asset Management

Examine the need for and performance of assets and asset systems over the stages of its life cycle for optimal ROI.


Rapidly integrate data from any source. Identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities. Optimize forecasting to increase revenue and reduce costs. Consolidate data from multiple sources for better planning and budgeting