Data analytics made easy!

We believe in helping businesses across the UK utilise their most valuable asset – their data!

Welcome to Entadata

Just imagine that you could collate all of your business data from your multiple data sources into one place for easy, interactive and intuitive analysis…..The outcome being faster, efficient and more informed data driven business decisions based on fact.

Unearth the whole story....

We can help you turn your everyday business data into important insights utilising agile data discovery solutions from Qlik. Working across market sectors and within any business department we can help you to improve efficiencies, productivity, optimise profit margins and grow your market share. We deliver solutions that enable:

  • Fast implementation and speedy time to value
  • Dashboards that are accessible from any mobile device
  • A shared, single version of the truth for all
  • A secure, robust and governed data environment
  • Data interrogation using simple, intuitive, self service applications delivered over the web
  • Broader and deeper business insights that provide a 360 degree view of the business
  • Connection to multiple data sources

Project management

For every project we provide comprehensive project management, from initial consultation through to delivery and everything in between.


We’re here to hold your hand, guide and advise you on what can sometimes be a complex journey in implementing a business analytics tool.

Application design & development

Our team of designers and developers are here to help you design, build and develop applications.

Training & workshops

We want to help your business to get the most out of the Qlik platform and utilise Qlik’s best practise to optimise on your investment.


Our aim is to ensure you receive the right levels of support for your business needs.

Infrastructure & cloud services

Our friendly and helpful team are on hand to evaluate your business technology requirements.